Wedding Planner

Bride's Name:
Bride's Parents:
Maid/Matron of Honor:
Groom's Name:
Groom's Parents:
Best Man:
Event Address:
Date of Event:
Setup Time:
Wi-fi Connection: Yes No
Emergency Contact:
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Ceremony Music and Timeline

Seating of the Mothers/Family/Bridesmaids:
Processional (Bride's Entrance):

Reception Music and Timeline

Music Prior to Reception (Cocktail Hour):
Grand Entrance (How would you like to be announced):
Toast (Order of who's speaking):
Cutting of the Cake:
Bouquet Toss / Garter Toss:
Formal Dances: Bride and Groom's First Dance
Father/Daughter Dance
Mother/Son Dance
Anniversary Countdown Dance
Opening of Dance floor to guests:
Last Dance/Departure:

General Music Requirements

(Please indicate waht eras and genres of music you REQUIRE, ACCEPT, and DON'T ACCEPT)

Jazz / Classics (Sinatra, etc.)
Swing / Big Band
Salsa / Latin
50's Rock
60's Rock
70's Rock
70's Disco
80's Rock
80's Love Songs
80's Dance / New Wave
90's Rock / Grunge / Alt
90's Dance / Old School
2000's Top Hits
House / Trance / Techno
Adult Contemporary
Ska / Dance Hall
Old Country
New Country
Rhythm & Blues
Hip Hop
Rap (Explicit Lyrics)
Newest Top 40 Hits

Specific songs or artists you DO want played:
Please indicate some of your favorite bands, groups or artists so we get an idea of what you like.

Specific songs or artists you DO NOT want played (or people you don't want making requests):

Give us an idea of what you'll be expecting musically. What eras of music, what types, etc. Is there a certain flow you'd like to hear? Describe the mixing style and energy level you're expecting from your DJ, and how active you'd like us on the mircrophone. Do you prefer originals or remixes? Play entire songs or cut short to allow for more songs?

Are there any special activities planned that we should know about... a birthday surprise, special dance, anniversary, roast, or additional performers? The more we know, the better prepared we can be to do a good for you.

Colors / Theme:

DJ Attire: Casual / Jeans Business Casual Shirt / Tie / Slacks Suit Other